About Navadhara

Navdhara is an annual event held by Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University with the goal of supporting and valuing Dehradun’s technical talents. Putting together Dehradun’s greatest young brains to accelerate the impact of technology, all colleges in the Dehradun, Uttarakhand area Participate in this event and show off their work projects, with the prize money going to the event winner. Navdhara is an annual event in which students compete for lucrative prizes. Due to the covid pandemic, the event was canceled in 2020 and 2021 and rescheduled for 2022. This Navdhara 2022 is the first after the transformation of DBGI into Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University.  In 2019, the winning team was awarded an incredible sum of Rs. 1 lakh.  There will be a total number of 6 members permitted for each team. All members of the team should be from the same university/college. This year to enter into Navdhara, the registration amount for each team will be Rs. 3000 and the first-place award is set at an attractive amount of Rs. 1,00,000 per team, Rs. 50,000 for a second, Rs. 25,000 for third, and 5 consolation prize money of Rs. 10000 in various categories for participating teams. Members from various branches of the same college/school, on the other hand, can create a team. The uniqueness of the idea, complexity, clarity, and specifics in the specified format, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, the magnitude of impact, user experience, and possibility for future work advancement will all be considered in Navdhara 2022. Participate to be a part of this spectacular gala and receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Please register early to ensure that you do not miss out on this fantastic technical event! All the teams must read all the instructions carefully to enter Navdhara 2022. 

Instruction For Team

  • All team members should be from same college. However, members from different branches of the same college/ school can form a team.
  • Each team would comprise of 6 members.
  • All members MUST be well versed with technical skills.
  • Colleges/school must issue a letter on their letterhead stating the names of the team and team members.
  • The team leader’s name should be clearly specified in the letter.
  • Clearly communicate the email -ids and mobile numbers of all team members as well.
  • The letter should bear the seal of the college/ school along with signature of the principal.
  • A scanned copy of this letter in PDF form is to be mandatorily submitted during online application process by clicking upload school/college PDF letter TAB.
  • After teams are shortlisted, each team can bring up to 2 Mentors to guide them during Navadhara 2022, for augmenting the team.
  • Each team is permitted 1 additional member (6+1) to exclusively to work on social media promotions for promoting their team.
  • Submission dates should be strictly followed. No exceptions will be made.
  • Submission along with project name is required to be done in the project description box on registration page available in navadhara.dbuu.ac.in/registration.
  • Entries to be sent only in the prescribed format; otherwise, they are bound to get rejected.
Note – Idea submission must be made by a designated staff member of the college/school only.

Selection criterion:

Evaluation criteria will include novelty of the idea, complexity, clarity and details in the prescribed format, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, scale of impact, user experience and potential for future work progression.
  • Each team should submit hard copies of the project details once they reach the venue.
  • Team projects should not have more than six members.
  • Team projects would compete and will be judged in the scientific category based on innovation. Judges’ decisions would be final.
  • Prior registration should be done to get the team registered to avoid any problem.
  • It’s always the best innovation which will be preferred over others and it would be the sole decision of the selection committee to include those projects in the competition or not.
  • Once a project is registered in this event, team membership cannot change and the project cannot be converted from an individual project to a team project or vice versa.
  • English is the official language of the Navadhara 2k22. Student Project boards and abstracts must be in English.
Shortlisting of submitted projects:
  • Notification about selected teams will be sent to their respective school/college representative mentioned in the form submitted by teams
  • Be available for meetings and training during the preparation phase; will be notified in advance.
  • Selected teams will be allowed to have 2 seniors as mentors. Mentors can be professors/teachers/ experienced professionals from industry. On selection, total team size will be (6+2) excluding the one who promotes your team on the social media.
  • Each college/school will issue a stamped photo ID to each member of the teams selected
  • College/school photo ID is mandatory for participating in the finale.

Attractive Cash Prizes

Tel: 18001034049